Quality Bio-Medical Equipment Repair & Technical Services

Medical Equipment Repair

From Autoclaves to Wheelchairs. Keeping your machinery in great condition.

Experienced Tech

Safety and Function testing

Based on manufacturer recommendations, AAMI & other agency guidelines/regulations.

About Safety

Training Offered

Keeping staff knowledgeable about equipment use and safety.


Equipment Maintenance

Answers about maintaining your sterilizers and medical equipment questions.



Biomedical Equipment Technician Serving South Texas

San Antonio and Outlying South Texas Areas

Clients such as General Medicine Practitioners, Cardiologists, ENTs, Dentists, OB/GYN, Podiatrists,  Physical Therapists, Sleep Doctors, and Veterinarians benefit from ValueRite Biomedical

Equipment Technician Services

We Keep Your Equipment Going To Keep Your Office Running Smoothly

Serving General Physicians, Veterinarians & Others

Electrical Ground & Current Leakage Testing

Service Contract Maintenance Plans

Malfunction Diagnose & Fix

Time, Temp & Pressure Diagnosis

Safety Testing

Training Staff In Proper Sterilization & Equipment Use

Ask About Training

An Educated Staff Keeps Office Equipment Maintained

Proper Training     Prevent Infection   Maintain Standards      Equipment Longevity

An Educated Staff Keeps Office Equipment Maintained


Medical Equipment Acquisition

We can provide cost effective biomedical equipment through our provider.

We offer purchase consulting for your convenience when your equipment needs replacement or if you would like to acquire new.



We Follow Industry Standards

A trusted business that adheres to standards set during all phases of fixing medical equipment by our technician.

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