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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Do you work on patient owned equipment as well as for doctors’ offices and veterinary clinics?

Answer: Yes. We tune-up and repair a variety of biomedical equipment. View our main list.

Whether the patient or physician owns the equipment, service is offered for our customers.

There are some items, however, that we do not service. Please give us a call.


How do you save me/us money? *

Answer: Due to my low overhead, I charge a lower hourly rate than many of my competitors. I also give special discounts for first time customers, Veteran owned discountvetbusiness, and Historically Underutilized business (HUB). I also charge lower travel cost for customers outside the normal coverage area than my competitors. I have less mark up on parts than my competitors.

Currently I will match or beat any competitors price with proof of quote.


Do you provide training for office staff?

Answer: Yes. We provide a valuable 30-45 minute training session for use of sterilizing autoclave equipment. This is currently free with any service or repair upon request.


Can you provide service contracts on equipment?

Answer: Yes, let us review what your needs are so we can design a cost effective contract that meets your needs.


Do you do equipment safety testing and calibration?

Answer: Yes. The answer requires some qualifying. We perform safety and function testing on all equipment as needed, based on manufacture recommendations, AAMI guidelines/regulations, OSHA, or other regulating agencies guidelines. We do calibration verification, and if calibration is required it will have to be sent to the manufacturer or a registered nationally certified testing lab. An example of this would be a patient scale: for a full calibration on a scale, we would have to bring in several hundred pounds of test weight to calibrate. For a calibration verification we would use one certified weight to spot test the scale.


What standards do you follow for repairing equipment?

Answer: We follow the Associate for The Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) standards and procedures for medical devices. Learn more about our safety standards here.


What is your technician experience? Do you provide references?

Answer: Yes, references are available upon request. We understand customers needs to feel good about the technicians they hire. Read more here an overview of our technician experience.


What is a “PM” as it relates to equipment repair?

Answer: Most people have the perception that PM always means Preventative Maintenance – it also means Planned Maintenance.

Let me give you a brief example of preventative versus planned. I will use an autoclave as an example. To prevent some perceived or actual failure I would replace a series of parts even though they were working correctly at the time of inspection. The cost of such a program is much higher in parts. If the manufacturer requires such a procedure we would do it to meet that requirement. In the planned case we would only replace what is worn due to use or failure at the time of inspection. The cost difference between the two examples of PM is obvious.

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