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Autoclave Sterilizers


Autoclave Repair & Training – Our technical specialty.

When healthcare professionals need to sterilize instruments for surgical and health procedures, a professional repair specialist is a valuable business to business contact.

Ensure that materials processed in a laboratory autoclave have been exposed to adequate conditions for sterilization.

Repairing autoclaves which include brands like Tuttnauer, Midmark Ritter and Pelton Crane is one of our specialties.


3 functions are minimally tested when our technician is diagnosing problems with autoclave issues.

  • Cycle Time – When your sterilizer is taking longer or times out, we can diagnose and repair to stabilize cycles.
  • Temperature – A sterilizer does not work properly when temperatures do not meet standards required. Failed spore tests and symptoms your sterilizer is not producing the right pressure requires our technician expertise.
  • Pressure -We check the PSI and typical gasket or bellows issues to begin diagnosis for repairs.


New training and refresher courses keep your staff knowledgeable and reminded of proper sterilizer uses.

A 30-45 minute session is usually adequate to train your staff on autoclave procedures and maintenance. This includes:

  • How to load the autoclave
  • Cleaning the autoclave
  • Sterilizing functions
  • Failure & Symptoms of Problems

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